Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Stockbridge/Lenox, MA April 22, 2013

Today I visited three vernal pool sites in Stockbridge and Lenox, I found Jefferson salamander eggs in all three pools! The first pool was on public land directly behind someone's home so I got in the shallow pool in Stockbridge for 5 minutes and managed to sneak out unseen while the homeowner was in the driveway cutting wood with a chainsaw a few hundred feet away.
The second pool was easy to find. It was 1/4 mile up a hiking trail. The third was in a park that had lots of hiking trails nearby that was a few miles from Tanglewood music center.

Last year my friend Chris told me he had a friend named George who lives in western mass that I should meet sometime, survey some property he owns, and talk about nature. ... a year later ... After I finished my surveys for the day I called George and then met him at his office, turns out he runs his own video production company: http://www.lovethewoods.com/. George offered to let me stay at his place and sleep on his couch to save on hotels. It turns out he lives in a beautiful rustic house 10 feet from a cascading river. The house is heated by a wood stove and is quite charming.
This is a Google Earth 3D image of some of the terrain. This was one of the shorter hikes with a path going right to the pond.

Old building built on top of the pond

Jefferson salamander eggs

Jefferson salamander eggs
My home for the week thanks to George and Iin Cox. 

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