Monday, April 15, 2013

Army Corps property surveys

ACOE Projects:

During the past few years I have been conducting rare species surveys on property owned and managed by the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) along the Charles River watershed in towns such as Needham, Medfield, Millis, Sherborn, and Norfolk. Each of these sites are small tributary rivers and streams that feed the Charles River. My role is to conduct baseline inventories of vernal pool habitats as well as to document any common and rare amphibian and reptile species. 

This news article sums up these projects: Medfield Press Newspaper

This spring I am surveying land in Norfolk, MA along the Mill River. So far I identified 30 vernal pools all containing wood frog and salamander eggs. Despite not been able to find any blue spotted salamanders after a few days of searching there were many other interesting animals to find along the way. 

 Musk turtle
 Spotted salamander egg mass (right) and wood frog egg masses

Painted turtles, the smaller male was chasing the larger female swimming in the marsh on the edge of the Mill River. 

Female painted turtles have small front fingernails.
 Male painted turtles have long fingernails.
 Spring peeper amplexus
 Spotted turtle

 red backed salamander
 Spotted salamander spermatophores
Wood frog amplexus

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